Close more deals with personal drip campaigns in Gmail.

Nurture your sales pipeline with auto-scheduled Gmail emails. Get started for free!

Nurture More Prospects with Less Work

80% of conversions are made after the 5th touch. TouchStream makes this process easy.

Stay in Front of Your Prospects and Past Clients

Never miss a new sales opportunity because someone didn't think of you. Add contacts to drip campaigns and scheduled emails to constantly stay at the forefront of their minds.

Build Rapport and Establish Credibility

Be seen as an expert. Automate a stream of emails that follow up with new contacts, share relevant industry news, or engage your contacts in conversation.


How It Works

Send your clients and prospects automated emails by connecting your Gmail account to TouchStream.
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Nurtured leads produce 20% more sales opportunities and make 47% larger purchases.

Stay in Front of Your Contacts

Create a list of emails that share a common topic or goal for a common set of your contacts and get your emails in front of them.

Never Miss a Touch

Schedule drip campaigns or date-based emails so that you always stay in touch with your clients and prospects.

Work Toward the Close

Track who opens and responds to your auto-sent messages. Know when a lead is hot enough for you to follow up.

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With TouchStream, it's easy to manage your automated email communications.

Sends from Your Gmail Account

TouchStream integrates with your Gmail account so that your automated emails come directly from you and skip the promotions tab.

Chrome Extension

Install the TouchStream extension to select contacts directly inside Gmail and create new touches with a few simple clicks.

Mobile Support

Easily access TouchStream from your mobile device so that you can add new contacts to streams, wherever you may be.

Email is Still King

Social media and chat apps are great, but for personal business connections, email still reigns supreme. Just take a look at some of these numbers:

  • There are over 3.9 billion email addresses in the world.
  • 91% of consumers check their email at least daily.
  • 44% of recipients made at least one purchase last year based on an email.
  • Emails conversions are 3x higher than social media.

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